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Take the opportunity, join the Directory portal, add your company (organisation) profile in the list and promote your business with us. Fill your profile, add all important information and navigate people straight into your business.

How to Join Directory Portal in 5 steps:

  1. Fill in you email, username and choose your package,
  2. Free for Limited Time
  3. Click on Sign Up (Buy with Paypal),
  4. Pay for package on Paypal,
  5. Check your email for login info,
  6. Log in and add your ITEMs into to the Directory Portal.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you charge the 100.00/Year?

We have to eat too. Better question is how does it benefit you? Well, aside from leads, Google appreciates a company when they have accurate business details know as NAP Scores. The more you have the more you rank up in the search engine. If you book one job from our site you made 500% or more profit off of your investment. 

How do we know if a review is accurate?

We actually send out a questionnaire to the account that writes the review. If we don't receive at least a response we delete the review.  

How much does sign up cost?

We're only charging if you get leads. However, we ask for an administrative fee of 100.00/year and any lead that is sent to you and booked costs 100.00. We will take your word for face value. However, since we are a consumer trusted website, we will be calling the person who submits the form to verify they had a great experience. 

Pre-sale Questions